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Intel's new AI laptop chip that removes memory sticks


Intel new AI laptop chip memory sticks

Intel claimed its Core Ultra CPUs, based on their latest architecture, marked a significant architectural shift in four decades.

However, Intel didn't stop there. Today, the company announced information about Lunar Lake, their upcoming laptop chip set to launch in the fall. They emphasized that this chip will bring significant changes.

A new chip design has been developed. It is larger and faster than the previous model. It also offers improved battery life, graphics performance, and CPU speed. This design change is in response to competition with Arm and the rise of AI PCs.

What is the most significant transformation? A Lunar Lake laptop won't come with separate memory sticks or chips if you purchase one! Lunar Lake cannot have additional RAM added, as it already has 16 or 32 GB of built-in LPDDR5X memory. According to Intel, the modification lowers the power used to transfer data throughout the system by about 40%. Later this year, individuals who need more RAM will be able to get laptops with a different Arrow Lake design.

In contrast to Intel's expectations, Meteor Lake did not really usher in the generation of AI laptops. Early adopters couldn't use the new feature because their NPU is slower than what Microsoft's Copilot Plus PCs need.

Lunar Lake enhances clock speed to 1.95 GHz, increases memory bandwidth two-fold, and triples the NPU hardware. This results in 48 TOPS and a 2-4x improvement in performance.

Despite consuming slightly more power (11.2 watts compared to 9 watts), Intel claims that the tripled machinery performs much faster. Stable diffusion for Lunar Lake takes 5.8 seconds for 20 iterations, while it takes Meteor Lake 20.9 seconds. Through 2025, 350 AI features for PCs are reportedly being developed by Intel's software partners.

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