Editorial Values and Standards

Business Fortune adheres to its established editorial values and standards. Our audiences trust us and they expect us to adhere to the highest standards, which are as follows: 



Being Transparent

We at Business Fortune will be open and honest about the content we provide online, and who created it. Contributors will be required to reveal any conflicts of interest related to any opinion piece they write, and this information will be made available on the website.



Being Impartial

We are not biased in any way, and we do our best to listen to what our audience has to say – in such a way that our work as a whole has a broad and diverse range of opinions, and that no single strand of thought gets left out or neglected.



Being Accurate

In the news and resources section of this website, you’ll find fact-based content designed to give context and context to current events. Facts will be sourced, presented in grammatically correct language, and accurately attributed. When facts are challenged, when there’s disagreement on a subject, or when information is unknown, we’ll acknowledge.



Treating with Respect

We will not tolerate any content that we believe to be discriminatory, disrespectful, or that breaches the privacy of another person. We will also not tolerate any material that is libelous, or legally questionable, such as copyright violations or plagiarism. We also will not tolerate material that is likely to offend, or that targets any ethnic, national, or religious groups. Upon request, we can provide guidance to our contributors on how to handle online criticism.



Preserving Editorial Integrity

Business Fortune has a mission statement, its own set of goals and objectives. Our editorial choices are independent of political, commercial or personal motivations.



Right of reply

Comments are not published on this website. However, if you would like to comment on an opinion piece, you can submit a response for consideration. Your response must comply with our editorial guidelines for contributors. Business Fortune retains editorial control over all content.



Being Accountable

We will fix any errors on this site as soon as possible and provide you with clarifications if necessary. If you have a legitimate reason to file a complaint about original content on Business Fortune website, please send an email to editor@bizfortune.com within 3 working days and we will review your complaint.


We do not respond to complaints that do not include full name. If you are not happy with our response, please contact us within seven working days to allow us to seek external advice. We will congregate members of our advisory group. This group is made up of Editorial, Legal and Diplomatic experts to help us with complaints as needed.

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