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Microsoft may launch a cheaper, digital-only Xbox Series X in 2024


Microsoft Xbox series X

Microsoft plans to release a digital version of the Xbox Series X in June or July 2024, with a leaked video revealing a white model without an optical drive.

In the upcoming months, it is anticipated that Microsoft will release the Xbox Series X only digitally. The electronics company reportedly plans to release a less expensive, disc-free version of its most recent system in June or July 2024, according to a claim by the gaming blog eXputer. The article also states that the leaked video shows a white Xbox Series X without an optical drive.

The source also states that the speculated console would have an upgraded heatsink and "Nexus card" for better performance, in addition to its new color and lack of a disc drive. It is anticipated that this Xbox system, which is digital only, will cost $50–100 less than the $499 base model.

These reports line up with Microsoft's own 2023 intentions that were released. The company's internal materials, made public during an FTC case last year, also alluded to the upcoming release of an Xbox system known as "Brooklin."

With its cylindrical form and upgraded features like USB-C, improved Wi-Fi, 2TB of storage, and lower power consumption, this all-digital console is impressive.

Near the middle of this system generation, the concept of a redesigned Xbox Series X makes sense, even though Microsoft's strategy may have changed. It's also said that rivals like Sony are getting ready for mid-cycle PlayStation enhancements.

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