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IBM Collaborates with NVIDIA to Drive Enterprise-Ready AI Adoption at Scale


IBM Collaborates with NVIDIA to Drive Enterprise-Ready AI Adoption at Scale

IBM and NVIDIA join forces to drive enterprise-ready AI adoption.

IBM Consulting and NVIDIA have announced a strategic collaboration aimed at driving enterprise-ready AI adoption at scale, leveraging NVIDIA's cutting-edge technologies and IBM Consulting's deep industry and technology expertise.

According to a recent study by the IBM Institute for Business Value, less than half of executives have identified specific innovation use cases for generative AI. To deploy explainable AI at scale, enterprises must recognize that AI is not a one-size-fits-all solution. It requires finely tuned, trained models with quality data to maximize its potential. This necessitates a combination of the right partners with technical and domain-specific expertise.

The collaboration between IBM Consulting and NVIDIA will focus on solving complex business challenges and accelerating transformation journeys with AI in an open ecosystem. IBM Consulting will leverage NVIDIA technologies such as NVIDIA AI Enterprise software, including new NVIDIA NIM microservices and NVIDIA Omniverse, to streamline AI workflows, enhance use case-to-model optimization, and develop business- and industry-specific AI use cases.

By pairing NVIDIA AI Enterprise software with IBM Consulting's expertise spanning strategy, experience design, technology, and operations, the collaboration aims to build scalable and deployable AI workloads. Clients will be able to run their applications in hybrid, multi-cloud architectures to deliver value from the edge to the cloud based on their technology stack and business needs.

The collaboration underscores IBM Consulting's commitment to scaling the impact of AI with clients' trusted data in an open ecosystem, reflecting its belief in meaningful innovation and business transformation.

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