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Google, IBM make inroads towards quantum computers to revolutionize problem solving


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Tomorrow, IBM will announce an advance in quantum computing, an entirely new type of computing, solving problems which would take today’s supercomputers millions of years in just minutes.

That’s the difference in quantum computing, a technology being developed by Google, IBM, and others. Named after quantum physics, which describes the forces of the subatomic realm, the science is deep, and we cannot scratch the surface.

Nonetheless, we hope to explain sufficiently so that you won’t be held in the dark by a breakthrough that could potentially transform civilization.

Artificial intelligence is the magic of the moment, but quantum computers push the limits of knowledge — new engineering, new science — all leading to this processor that computes with the atomic forces that created the universe.

Quantum computers are now in a stage where they can do specific calculations with these systems that would take the world’s largest supercomputers to be able to do a few similar calculations.

Even now, City University of New York physicist Michio Kaku refers to modern computers as "classical." He explains the quantum distinction with a maze.

Quantum technology has been designated as a key national priority by China, while the US government is investing close to $1 billion a year in research. The first shift is anticipated for next year when the United States announces new encryption standards in anticipation of quantum computing's eventual break-out of the codes protecting everything from credit cards to national secrets. IBM is set to introduce the Quantum System Two tomorrow.


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