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Mango introduces its inaugural AI-generated campaign

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Mango introduces AI-generated campaign

Focus on Mango's first AI campaign without delving into the complex interplay between traditional fashion creativity and technology.

The powerhouse of the Spanish high street, revealing an AI-generated campaign for its new teen collection, dismissed any worries that AI might homogenize fashion imagery.

Several internal departments, including Mango Teen's design, art and styling, dataset and AI model training, and photography studio, worked together on the campaign's development, Mango stated. However, there are ethical issues with AI models because they might reinforce prejudices seen in different data sets, which could lead to the reinforcement of unattainable beauty standards or a lack of diversity.

Even though Mango has acknowledged using AI, some customers might still be perplexed if they find it difficult to tell the difference between traditional and AI-generated advertising imagery.

The fact that Mango has been using artificial intelligence in its operations since 2018 is intriguing, though. Mango, a pioneer in technology adoption, claimed to have started working on more than fifteen different AI-powered platforms spanning different facets of its value chain. These developments demonstrate the company's dedication to technical advancement in the fashion sector and range from pricing methods to tailored consumer experiences.

An internal conversational platform that caters to partners' and employees' demands is one of Mango's most noteworthy AI applications. It is possible that this approach improves operational efficiency and simplifies communication inside the company. The business has also unveiled an AI platform for creating images, which acts as a source of inspiration for its product and design teams. This application promotes creativity and innovation in a variety of commercial domains by helping with the creation of prints, fabrics, and clothing, as well as offering ideas for window displays, architecture, and interior design.

Mango has also used AI to enhance its pricing strategies across its physical retail network and on its e-commerce platform, mango.com. Moreover, the company employs data analytics techniques, borrowing from Shein and Temu's playbook, by providing product recommendations to its clients. According to the company, this not only improves the shopping experience by offering tailored recommendations, but it also plays a significant role in driving sales and optimizing stock levels.

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