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Tata Elxsi partners with Red Hat for 5G connected vehicle app mobility

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Tata Elxsi Red Hat 5G connected vehicle app mobility

Tata Elxsi joins with Red Hat to simplify app deployment in the 5G multi-cloud environment for telecom operators and MVNOs.

OpenShift, Red Hat's container platform, will be used as a standard container-as-a-service (CaaS) layer across multiple cloud environments. Neuron, the Tata Elxsi Multi-layer Automation Platform, empowers the seamless automation of cloud services, deployment of 5G applications, and state-of-the-art modernization.

Red Hat In-Vehicle OS and Tata Elxsi CVP Platform will work together with Red Hat on 5G Connected Cars using TETHER.

Tata Elxsi will provide its expertise in 5G network architecture, orchestration, automation, and testing in the connected vehicle market. Tata Elxsi and Red Hat will work together to help international operators make money from their networks. They will develop advanced applications for industries like automotive and healthcare.

Vivek Tiwari, Vice President of Telco 5G Business Unit at Tata Elxsi, stated that telecommunication companies have been leading the development of customer-focused services and new network technologies in Automotive, Healthcare, and Industry 4.0. These technologies call for a shift toward Cloudification, Hybrid/Multi-cloud adoption (Red Hat as a uniform CaaS layer across Multi-cloud networks), DevSecOps, AI/MlOps, & End-to-end automation. They were thrilled to work with Red Hat and Tata Elxsi to make this possible. He said they combined Edge Analytics with Telco 5G Multi-Cloud Automation to offer customers a unique service.

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