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Leonardo seeks worldwide partners for its new attack helicopter

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Leonardo seeks worldwide partners for its new attack helicopter

While it tests two prototypes, prepares two more, and takes the platform to the Eurosatory trade show in Paris, Leonardo, an Italian company, is seeking global industrial partners to collaborate on its new AW249 attack helicopter.

The AW249 is larger and faster than the soon-to-be-retired Italian Army AW129 Mangusta. In fact, it is the sole new attack helicopter being developed in the Western Hemisphere. The upcoming technology will enable the control of unmanned aerial vehicles through helmet displays and large screens, taking inspiration from the F-35 combat jet.

A company representative, in an exclusive statement to Defense News before Eurosatory, expressed the company's strong commitment to promoting industrial collaboration. They stressed the significance of nations joining forces as partners to collectively develop specific designs, customize equipment systems, and establish local manufacturing capabilities to accommodate larger quantities. This collaborative approach is fostered by the company's open architecture and their steadfast commitment to ensuring the long-term sustainability of their services for at least 30 years.

The spokesperson mentioned that prospective clients interested in engaging their industries may originate from Latin America, the Middle East, or Eastern Europe.

Based on the plan, Leonardo, formerly known as Finmeccanica, granted Turkey a license to utilize the AW129's fundamental design. In return, Turkey would enhance the aircraft and market it to Nigeria and the Philippines, rebranding it as the impressive T-129.

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