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UnifyApps leverages AI to facilitate communication between separate applications


UnifyApps leverages AI facilitate communication

The rise of software-as-a-service (SaaS) has transformed how businesses operate. Now, there's an app for almost any problem. But managing numerous apps in the enterprise stack can be difficult when they scale to hundreds.

Elevation Capital invested $11 million in UnifyApps, a startup that solves the problem of app communication.

Established by the former CTO of Sprinkler, UnifyApps provides an intuitive, AI-driven platform for automating application integration. Currently, the tool integrates over 1000 apps, and it can finish the integration process in a few days. It can even do the task in a few minutes, according to the business.

According to Singh, they were starting a movement rather than merely developing a platform. UnifyApps' mission is to help businesses worldwide get the most out of their technology investments by freeing them from the limitations of scattered apps. By consolidating applications, businesses can enhance employee productivity, foster customer engagement, and achieve significant growth and success.

Enterprises have typically used low-code application builders, IPaaS, reverse ELT, and ELT to spearhead their integration initiatives. Although the methods are effective, they have been found to be too expensive, time-consuming, and complex, as they only focus on a single problem.

To bridge this gap, UnifyApps has created a strategy that emphasizes four key ways to integrate: automating workflows, integrating data, building applications without coding, and developing AI agents. 

According to UnifyApps, customers may complete app integrations that once required quarters in a couple of days. The platform offers over 30 ready-made solutions to speed up the integration process. This allows customers to connect apps for specific purposes in just five minutes.


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