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Southern Company invests in a battery company

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Southern Company invests in a battery company

Atlanta-based Johnson Energy Storage (JES) has received an early investment from a subsidiary of Southern Company.

Established by Dr. Lonnie Johnson, an entrepreneur and former NASA engineer. According to JES, it has spent more than 20 years concentrating on the advancement of solid-state battery technology. JES and other companies are developing new battery assembly techniques for solid-state batteries. These techniques aim to eliminate the need for liquid electrolytes in lithium-ion batteries, which could make them more secure.

Dr. Lonnie Johnson, founder and chairman of Johnson Energy Storage, thanked Southern Company for their recent investment and ongoing support. He said they were excited about their battery improvements potentially being used in electric cars and other energy applications. If they could refine and scale their technology, they believed it could have a significant impact on the energy ecosystem.

JES developed a glass separator and a solid glass electrolyte that will be cheaper than other solid-state methods.

Some people think solid state batteries are better than lithium-ion batteries used in electric vehicles and renewable energy storage.

Solid-state batteries offer longer battery life and faster charging times than lithium-ion batteries, without the same level of battery degradation. JES wants to make a cheaper and safer solid-state battery than those currently being developed.

Robin Lanier, director of New Ventures at Southern Company, states that the company's investment in Johnson Energy Storage shows their commitment to supporting advanced energy solutions and clean technologies in their communities. This investment is simply another example of how Southern Company is constructing the energy of the future.

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