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Google and other US tech giants oppose India's antitrust proposal


Google US tech giants oppose India antitrust proposal

In a letter, a US lobby group that represents the tech behemoths Google, Amazon, and Apple has urged India to reconsider its planned competition law.

In February, a government panel in India suggested that large digital companies should comply with new antitrust laws in addition to the current regulations. The panel explained that it takes a long time to enforce the current laws because these companies have too much market control.

India's "Digital Competition Bill" is similar to the EU's Digital Markets Act 2022. It will apply to large IT companies with global revenue over $30 billion and at least 10 million local customers.

It proposes banning businesses from using users' private information to promote their own services and removing restrictions on downloading third-party apps.

In a letter dated May 15, the US-India Business Council (USIBC) informed India's Corporate Affairs Ministry that companies use these tactics to introduce new product features and enhance user security. Restricting these tactics will have a negative impact on their plans.

The unreleased letter, which Reuters saw, claims that the proposed Indian law is "much further in scope" than the EU's.

The Corporate Affairs Ministry, Apple, Amazon, Google, and the USIBC did not respond to questions from Reuters about the proposed law that India is being asked to reevaluate.

India, home to 1.4 billion people, presents a sizable opportunity for large tech businesses due to its expanding middle class. Apple's CEO, Tim Cook, recently mentioned that despite a 4% decline in global revenue for the company in the March quarter, they achieved a "revenue record" in India.

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