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Google to launch the 'Ask Photos' feature using AI to help find relevant snapshots


Google launch 'Ask Photos' feature

A new Ask Photos feature using Gemini AI will be added to Google Photos for photo discovery.

CEO Sundar Pichai described Ask Photos' conversational interface in a speech at I/O 2024. Not only can it locate well-known individuals and items, but it can also recognize connections between various images. This innovative feature will revolutionize the way users search and navigate through their vast photo libraries. Ask Photos will use AI to make it easier to find and relive memories.

If you ask Google to find your license plate number, it will show you the most likely match. You can track your child's swimming progress by noting when they first started and also by collecting a series of images that capture their learning journey.

This summer, Google users will have access to Ask Photos.

The technology isn't all that different from what Gemini is already capable of. It does, however, demonstrate the usefulness of contemporary generative AI.

Asking questions about your photos can help you avoid the tiring job of going through years of photos and tagging each one manually. This method can also remove the need for basic object identification, saving you time and effort when organizing your photo collection. It won't be shocking if this kind of technology is employed to handle massive media libraries across all platforms.

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