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French law enforcement is dispatched to secure New Caledonia


French law enforcement to secure New Caledonia

The top French official in the Pacific island territory announced on Friday that French police reinforcements have begun to arrive in New Caledonia as part of a massive operation to retake control of the capital, Noumea.

By Friday night, the French-ruled island will have 2,700 police and gendarmes, up from 1,700. France's High Commissioner Louis Le Franc reported that Thursday night was relatively calm compared to the violence that began on Monday, resulting in four deaths and hundreds of arrests.

He stated that there were still areas of contention and worry in Noumea. Teams specializing in mine clearance will remove booby-trapped road blocks placed by activists. This will help in delivering food and medicine to the people.

Protesters caused chaos for three days after an election change. They blocked roads, burned businesses and cars, looted stores, and prevented access to food and medicine. The authorities have reported on these incidents. New Caledonia has food supplies for two months, according to a statement released by the administration on Friday. The distribution issue is the only issue.

France declared a state of emergency on the island and banned TikTok, placing at least ten individuals under house arrest. The rioting have claimed the lives of three young Kanak people, while a 22-year-old police officer was shot and killed. Gerald Darmanin, the interior minister of France, announced on Thursday that police had apprehended the individual who had shot two Kanaks. Le Franc added that one of the attackers had surrendered and that investigations into the other deaths were still underway.

Violence erupted in New Caledonia after lawmakers in Paris passed a bill allowing French citizens who have lived there for ten years to vote in provincial elections. Leaders in the area worry that the decision may weaken the vote of native Kanaks.

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