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Leading AI-driven big data analytics platform to showcase at GITEX Africa

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AI-driven big data analytics platform showcase GITEX Africa

Presight, the leading AI-powered big data analytics platform, will be present at GITEX Africa in 2024.

The event, which is being organized by Kaoun International, will be held in Morocco from May 29 to May 31. The largest technology event in Africa, GITEX Africa unites the brightest minds in innovation and technology.

To support Africa's growing tech community, the "Presight Executive Lounge" will be a space for discussions and networking with local and regional partners, clients, and stakeholders.

Dr. Adel Alsharji, COO of Presight, will give a keynote on "Harnessing Big Data and Gen AI for Emergency Response Management" on May 30 at the AI Everything Stage. In this talk, he will emphasize how Presight's Lifesaver Emergency Response Platform can transform emergency response and improve public safety.

Dr. Adel is excited about supporting Africa's IT scene and attending GITEX Africa in 2024. He went on to say that their generative AI and sophisticated big data analytics might solve important societal issues. Presight showcases its dedication to enhancing communities and commerce in Africa by participating in GITEX Africa 2024. Presight was excited to talk with business executives and share their vision for a more intelligent and connected Africa.

Trixie Lohmirmand, CEO of Kaoun International, is happy that Presight will sponsor GITEX AFRICA 2024. Presight is the top big data analytics company in the region and also the preferred Lanyard and Executive Lounge Sponsor. They are powered by GenAI and have a mission to shape the continent's digital transformation journey.

On May 31, Martin Yates, senior government technology advisor for Presight, will give a keynote address on "Creating Smarter African Cities." The talk will focus on the revolutionary potential of smart technologies in urban development and management.

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