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Advances in generative AI are accelerating human-like robot development


Advances generative AI accelerating robot development

In China, artificial intelligence similar to ChatGPT is speeding up research and progressing the development of humanoid robots, which is mainly significant for jobs.

AI has existed for many years. OpenAI's ChatGPT chatbot has improved AI's ability to understand and generate content that is similar to human-like communication. American technology is not officially accessible in China, but local companies like Baidu have developed similar AI models and chatbots.

Li Zhang, COO of LimX Dynamics in Shenzhen, China, believes that generative AI research can accelerate the development of robots in the field of robotics. Li reduced his expectations for LimX to create a humanoid robot that can assist with household and factory tasks. He now predicts that some use cases will be available in five to seven years, instead of the original estimate of eight to ten years. AI has improved many tools and expedited the research and development process, leading to increased business interest. Tesla and OpenAI are also investing in humanoid robot creation.

Agibot, a Shanghai startup, got funding from BYD. Chinese President Xi Jinping visited a Shanghai exhibition during the outbreak. Fourier Intelligence has developed a remarkable robot, LimX intends to employ humanoid robots in factories.

China now installs over 50% of the world's industrial robots, surpassing Japan in 2013, according to Stanford's AI Index research. According to the survey, China's top three industries for industrial robot installations were electronics, automotive, and metal and machinery.

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