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The Masters and IBM employ Gen AI for Spanish audio and live data analysis


The Masters and IBM employ Gen AI

The Masters and IBM are expanding their use of Gen AI to provide Spanish language commentary for every shot and deliver data-driven insights for the official application and website.

Last year, over 20,000 event shots had automatic audio generated by IBM's Watsonx platform, allowing for English language commentary using artificial intelligence.

IBM uses its Watson cognitive computing platform to train AI algorithms in the language of golf and the Masters. Tradition is just as important as the game itself. They utilize various foundation models, including the text-to-speech feature.

These algorithms automatically add spoken commentary to videos. They use different words and sentence structures to make the videos interesting and educational by avoiding repetition and unnecessary words.

This year, users can choose between audio and subtitles in Spanish and English for all clips. IBM's developers take the initiative further than just translation. Their models are trained to understand and communicate fluently in a completely new language.

Another important addition is "Hole Insights," a new feature on the website and app that provides live, data-driven analysis of each shot.

Hole Insights uses natural language processing (NLP) to transform statistics and observations into easy-to-read prose. Hole Insights analyzes both historical and current data to provide comprehensive projections and insight for each hole. This will help golf fans understand how the course is playing each day or compared to past years.

For example, following a player's tee shot, Hole Insights may provide analysis such as "the 14th hole has played difficult today, with 25 percent of shots resulting in bogies" or "shots historically hit in this location have an 82 ppercentchance of resulting in a birdie."

This is the first time the feature has ever been made available in real time by The Masters.

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