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Telit Cinterion introduces a high-precision GNSS module


Telit Cinterion high precision GNSS module

IoT solutions provider Telit Cinterion today announced the launch of the SE868K5-RTK, a high-precision GNSS module. 

The SE868K5-RTK is Telit Cinterion's first GNSS module to offer high-precision location data using advanced Real-Time Kinematics (RTK) technology. With dual frequency signals and support for multiple satellite constellations, the module can accurately determine locations by overcoming interference.

Marco Argenton, VP of Product Management for IoT Modules at Telit Cinterion, stated that the SE868K5-RTK shows Telit Cinterion's strong dedication to providing advanced GNSS technology. He said that this module shows their commitment to meeting the ever-changing needs of IoT applications. It sets a new standard for accuracy, dependability, and adaptability.

The module can achieve high accuracy by using RTK correction data from services like Swift Navigation’s Skylark cloud platform. The compact 11x11mm module is also designed for seamless operation near cellular and other wireless radios without interference.

Skylark Nx RTK provides reliable adjustments for developers, improving the accuracy and efficiency of their applications.

The SE868K5-RTK enables new, high-precision use cases in fields like robotic systems, e-mobility, precision agriculture, and drone operations. The new module was built following a decade of collaboration with semiconductor producer Airoha Technology.

Telit Cinterion is a leader in providing advanced location-based IoT solutions with the SE868K5-RTK. Its small size, cellular integration, and high-accuracy RTK positioning make it stand out.

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