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Seso is revolutionizing agriculture HR by fixing farm workforces


Seso revolutionizing agriculture HR

Seso helps streamline the process of getting migrant workers on H-2A visas for U.S. farms. It aims to become a one-stop-shop HR platform for the agriculture industry.

After his cousin asked for his opinion on whether to grow her organic farm, Michael Guirguis co-founded the business. Guirguis, who has worked in labor market and employment development throughout her career, advised against expanding because the industry's labor shortage would make it difficult to find enough workers, despite the demand for her crops. Guirguis started Seso to automate the H-2A visa application process, resolving the problem and ensuring farm compliance. After talking to farm clients, he realized that farms required more help with HR than just hiring employees.

The business just secured $26 million to increase the functionality of its platform. Mary Meeker from Bond led the Series B round with other investors like NFX, SV Angel, Index Ventures, some Seso clients, and others. In 2023, the company's clients doubled, and it now employs people in 27 of the top 100 agricultural companies in the US.

Agriculture is a big business that has been slow to adopt new technologies, despite being ready for disruption. Seso has been successful in selling to farms because it is not trying to change the farming process, which farmers are not ready for yet. Using back office technology is more easily marketed.

It was Guirguis's emphasis on personally soliciting farmer feedback that convinced Index Ventures partner Nina Achadjian to make an investment. Achadjian initially rejected Seso's request for capital from Index, but changed her mind after seeing the company's sales and interactions with farmers.

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