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ProGrade Digital introduces a new 512GB memory card


ProGrade Digial new 512GB memory card

ProGrade Digital, Inc. introduces its cutting-edge microSDXC UHS-II V60 512GB memory card.

Professionals can take even longer high-resolution video clips and/or more still photos thanks to the microSDXC V60 Gold memory cards from the company, which offer the same read and write speeds of up to 250 MB/s and 130 MB/s, respectively. High performance is now possible with drones, action cameras, DSLRs, and mirrorless cameras thanks to the company's SDXC UHS-II, U3, Class 10, and V60 memory cards. These devices generate very rich data streams and demand larger memory card capacities.

ProGrade's founder and CEO, Wes Brewer, announced that their microSD product line now offers a microSD, V60, 512GB capacity point. This offers a nice capacity option for those who shoot a lot of 4K+ video and still images with traditional devices like action and 360 cams, drones, and nature cameras, and now, when paired with one of Prograde's ultra-portable PGM0.5 readers, even in the new iPhone 15. He continued by saying that the company had witnessed a sharp rise in demand for its 256GB microSD card in tandem with the release of the new Nikon Zf full frame and Canon Power Shot V10 vlogger cameras, which had prompted them to plan ahead and provide an even higher capacity point for this particular group of professional users.

High-performance microSDXC UHS-II V60 512GB, U3, Class 10 portfolio:

  • The maximum reading speed is 250 MB/s.
  • Maximum write speed of 130 MB/s 
  • 60 MB/s is the minimum sustained write speed.
  • 512GB of capacity
  • $165.99 MSRP

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