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Montreal start-up, DeepSight – Réalité Augmentée, partners with IBM


Montreal DeepSight – Réalité Augmentée partners IBM

IBM, a leader in technology and innovation worldwide, has teamed with DeepSight – Réalité Augmentée, a Montreal-based supplier of augmented reality (AR) software solutions.

Through this collaborative partnership, cutting-edge augmented reality solutions will transform workforce training in manufacturing.

The new cooperation helps manufacturing companies teach the next generation of operators by integrating IBM's cutting-edge AI technology into DeepSight's AR-powered learning platform. The platform offers real-time training and support for finishing projects with accuracy and efficiency by utilizing AI-powered augmented reality technology.

With this collaboration, the manufacturing industry's efforts to overcome the problems brought on by an aging workforce will make substantial progress. An imminent skills gap concerns knowledge retention and industrial efficiency in Canada, where over one-fifth of the working-age population is approaching retirement.

Director of partnerships & alliances at DeepSight, Jean Pinsonneault, claimed that by working with IBM, his company was able to access a potent immersive learning environment that preserves production flow while saving money and time. By expediting the workforce's skill development, they were establishing a new benchmark for innovation.

But thanks to DeepSight's cutting-edge platform, which is enabled by IBM AI technology businesses can now cut expenses, preserve production flow, and expedite training procedures. With AR headsets or tablets, workers can learn skills more quickly and efficiently by receiving on-screen text advice and real-time auditory tutorials in their native tongues.

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