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Amid Japan's pressure, South Korea to consult Naver


Japan pressure South Korea consult Naver

After media reports suggested Japanese pressure on Naver, South Korea announced on Saturday that it would confer with the company.

It further stated that its companies should not be subjected to discrimination.

Japan's internal affairs and communications ministry instructed SoftBank Group to buy shares of LY Corp. from Naver due to a data leak last year. The South Korean foreign ministry was asked to respond to this report.

The Korean government has stated its firm stance against discriminatory treatment of its enterprises. They would inquire about Naver's stance on the matter and, if required, get in touch with Japan.

LY Corp., which runs the popular messaging app Line in Japan and other parts of Asia, is mostly owned by A Holdings, a joint venture between SoftBank and Naver.

According to media reports, two newly elected lawmakers from the Rebuilding Korea Party urged the South Korean government to take "strong action," raising concerns about potential political interference.

When Reuters reached out for comment, neither SoftBank Group nor Japan's ministry of internal affairs and communications responded right away.

In March, the government asked LY Corp. to speed up talks for a vital security governance review for the whole group, including the parent company. LY Corp. reported receiving another set of guidelines earlier this month.

In November last year, the company admitted that a third party had gained unauthorized access to its systems through Naver Cloud, leading to the disclosure of over 300,000 records with personal information of Line and other users.

According to a representative, Naver is working with LY Corp. to bolster security.

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