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IBM and Fortinet enhance cloud security protection


IBM Fortinet enhance cloud security protection

A new cloud security solution by IBM Cloud and Fortinet enhances protection for enterprise data and traffic in cloud networks.

According to a blog post by the companies announcing the news, the FortiGate next-generation firewalls (NGFW) on IBM Cloud are enhanced in terms of security by the Fortinet Virtual FortiGate Security Appliance (vFSA) on IBM Cloud.

With the help of its powerful threat protection features, the vFSA can scan application traffic flowing via the network and stop any suspicious or dangerous activity. Additionally, it has sophisticated sandboxing to identify and stop unknown and zero-day threats, as well as AI-based inline malware prevention. Companies can use this technology to monitor and filter network traffic remotely. It also allows them to keep track of newly added devices, like Internet of Things devices.

The virtual security appliance, or vFSA, on IBM Cloud is offered by Fortinet under its flexible usage-based licensing scheme, Fortiflex. Furthermore, the solution is currently accessible in each of the 31 IBM cloud data centers. The virtual package enables site-to-site VPNs between virtual private clouds (VPCs), on-premises hybrid cloud networks, and SSL and IPSec VPN connections. There's also a security appliance that can be operated by clients and has root access for administration.

Together with support for migrations between virtual and physical form factors, the user interface includes on-demand and automated upgrade capabilities. Support for automated deployments is also included.

As part of the Fortinet Open Ecosystem, which offers managed security services, IBM and Fortinet have been collaborating since 2008. Together, they deliver a range of cloud security solutions. Firms announced that Fortinet FortiGate virtual machines can now be installed as part of IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions, providing firewall and gateway services for VMware environments.

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