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Hitachi is offering unified hybrid cloud storage solutions


Hitachi unified hybrid cloud storage solutions

The unbreakable hybrid cloud platform integrates structured and unstructured data, redefining data management efficiency and flexibility for enterprises.

Hitachi Vantara LLC, a subsidiary company of Hitachi, Ltd., has released Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform One. This solution helps enterprises manage their data more effectively amidst the growth of GenAI, cloud computing, and increased data volume.

The hybrid cloud platform can revolutionize how businesses use and manage their data in a rapidly changing technological environment. 

Companies are struggling to handle their growing data and update their applications across various cloud platforms. This highlights the need for a comprehensive data management solution. 71% of IT professionals believe that their company values data, but only 19% reported having a strong data management strategy, according to the TDWI Data Management Maturity Assessment. Increasing cyberattacks are making issues worse, making company executives more concerned about security and resilience. 68% of IT leaders are concerned about the resilience of their company's data infrastructure, according to a recent survey.

The options available for Virtual Storage Platform One are:

  • Virtual Storage Platform One SDS Block 
  • Virtual Storage Platform One SDS Cloud 
  • Virtual Storage Platform One File 

Virtual Storage Platform One prioritizes data availability and implements robust data resiliency measures, ensuring uninterrupted operations and data protection. It eliminates data silo limitations, promoting speed and efficiency in contemporary data management. AWS Marketplace has many software listings, including Virtual Storage Platform One SDS Cloud, for easy access to AWS data management solutions.

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