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Verisk and Seek Now partnered to revolutionise property insurance claims processing

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Verisk Seek Now insurance claims processing

Customers shared by Verisk and Seek Now will experience simplified and expedited claims resolution processes

Verisk, a leading global provider of data analytics and technology solutions, has entered into a partnership with Seek Now to streamline the claims assessment process within the property insurance sector. As part of this collaboration, Verisk will integrate Seek Now's technology into its suite of property estimating solutions, aiming to enhance damage assessment procedures and overall claim processing efficiency. Customers shared by Verisk and Seek Now will experience simplified and expedited claims resolution processes, resulting in improved outcomes and enhanced satisfaction for policyholders. Through seamless data transfer and real-time routing capabilities, the partnership is expected to reduce cycle times for property insurance claims, benefiting insurers and claims professionals alike.

Seek Now's CEO, Russ Carroll, expressed enthusiasm about the integration, highlighting the swift access to ground truth data it provides for adjusters within their network of mutual insurance carrier customers. Verisk's dedication to innovation and efficiency in an open claims ecosystem underscores its commitment to simplifying processes and fostering collaboration within the insurance industry. By providing insurers and claims professionals with accurate estimations and early identification of claim severity, Verisk aims to elevate customer satisfaction while minimizing operational expenses. Aaron Brunko, President of Property Estimating Solutions at Verisk, emphasized the company's ongoing efforts to expand its open ecosystem and innovate to support clients in their crucial work with greater ease and precision. He welcomed Seek Now into their collaborative ecosystem, anticipating a positive impact on claims efficiency across the insurance value chain.

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