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US proposed a ‘temporary ceasefire’ in Gaza in draft UN resolution


US proposed a ‘temporary ceasefire’ in Gaza in draft UN resolution

Israel intends to escalate its ground operations into Rafah as part of its efforts to dismantle Hamas

The United States has put forward a draft resolution to the United Nations Security Council regarding Gaza, proposing a temporary ceasefire in Israel's conflict with Hamas. The resolution also cautions against an Israeli ground incursion into Rafah, where many displaced Palestinians have sought refuge during the ongoing conflict. This move follows the US's pledge to veto an Algerian draft resolution calling for an immediate ceasefire, with a vote on the Algerian proposal scheduled for Tuesday morning. The US draft, as per CNN's viewing of the text, calls for a "temporary ceasefire in Gaza as soon as practicable," which diverges from the desires of most other Security Council members advocating for an immediate ceasefire.

President Joe Biden has conveyed to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu the necessity of a temporary ceasefire to secure the release of hostages held by Hamas, following extensive discussions between the two leaders. The US draft also raises concerns about the potential consequences of an Israeli ground offensive into Rafah, warning of further harm to civilians and their displacement, which could escalate regional tensions and pose risks to peace and security. The Biden administration has become increasingly vocal in expressing apprehensions about Israel's conduct in the conflict, with President Biden advising Netanyahu against further military action. The US draft resolution, which includes a call for the release of Israeli hostages, will be discussed privately on Tuesday, with the timing of the vote uncertain. The resolution requires at least nine votes in favor and no vetoes from the permanent members to pass.

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