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Sora aims to win over executives and studios in Hollywood


Sora aims to win over executives and studios in Hollywood

OpenAI has organized meetings with Hollywood stakeholders to promote the use of Sora, its new text-to-video generator.

OpenAI wants to win over Hollywood studios, business leaders, and talent agencies in Los Angeles with its text-to-video generator called Sora, says a Bloomberg story citing unnamed sources. The firm stated that CEO Sam Altman attended parties in the city during the Academy Awards, while COO Brad Lightcap presented the technology to professionals in Hollywood.

Like ChatGPT, Sora is not yet publicly available. Red-team testers are currently using a text-to-video generator. Users who accessed it uploaded incredibly realistic one-minute videos created by filling in text prompts. But in many of the shared outcomes, errors like strange physical laws and atypical body movements were still evident.

OpenAI's text-to-video generator has highlighted a recent advancement in generative AI, even though other companies have already introduced similar technology.

The reaction of viewers and industry insiders to films and TV series created using generative AI is still uncertain.

Selim Ali, director of Secret Invasion, received backlash in the summer of 2023 for admitting that artificial intelligence was used to make the opening titles of the Marvel Studios series. During AI technology's growth, Hollywood writers and actors went on strike to protect workers' rights.

AI-generated media, such as book covers and novels, has also led businesses to apologize or explain their decisions to customers. Creators have sued Microsoft and OpenAI, claiming that the companies are stealing their intellectual property and using it for plagiarism, which affects employment.

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