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SAP Cloud ERP helps Emirates Steel Arkan increase sustainability and efficiency


SAP ERP Emirates Steel Arkan increase sustainability efficiency

A UAE-based steel and building material producer is modernizing its processes for improved automation, smoother operations, and a greener supply chain.

Emirates Steel Arkan (ESA), a leading steel and building materials producer, has teamed up with SAP SE to integrate its operations using a cloud-based ERP system, aiming to enhance the sustainability and resilience of its supply chain.

To securely transfer its crucial operations from its current SAP ERP system to SAP S/4HANA, with the data stored in-country, ESA is adopting RISE with SAP. ESA will receive instant data and better manage its operations with an improved and unified system. To better plan, monitor, and enhance its supply chain's performance and agility, the company will use S/4HANA Supply Chain Management.

Emirates Steel's CEO, Saeed Khalfan Alghafri, mentioned that they collaborated extensively with SAP to ensure a complete transformation that achieved their objectives. They focus on following their environmental commitments, strengthening their supply chain, and adopting new technologies to innovate and set new standards in their sector.

ESA needs to ensure its supply chain is risk-resilient and sustainable due to global supply network issues in recent years. ESA will use a connected supply chain system that streamlines processes, predicts disruptions, and uses cloud computing and SAP Digital Supply Chain Management to improve company performance with continuous feedback. This lets businesses quickly adapt to unexpected increases in demand, meet changing customer needs, and reduce logistical risks in a proactive and sustainable way.

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