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Microsoft is resolving Chrome's font problems on Windows 10 and 11


Microsoft is resolving Chrome's font problems on Windows 10 and 11

Are you experiencing thin or fuzzy text in Chrome? Microsoft is working to fix the problem, so don't worry.

Have you observed that on Windows 10 and 11 PCs, the fonts in Chrome appear a little off? It's a recognized problem that has been going on for a little while; it's not just you. Thankfully, Microsoft is aware of the problem and is developing a solution to address odd-looking fonts on Chrome.

Microsoft is fixing a bug that made fonts look blurry or strange in Chrome, as reported by Windows Latest. Some who employ particular display styles have reported seeing this strange writing, although it's not affecting everyone. Users blamed Chrome because the fonts would appear normal in other browsers. Depending on the user's text settings, Windows and Chrome were not effectively communicating.

Text contrast and gamma have historically been implemented by Chromium/Skia using compile-time constants, with varying values hard-coded per platform. This indicates that the user cannot change these values. The ClearType Text Tuner on Windows allows the user to adjust the text's contrast and gamma levels. If native apps use a text stack that is based on DirectWrite, they often pick up these values automatically. Because Chromium renders text using Skia, it was not recognizing these Windows user modifications.

What is Microsoft's remedy? The plan is to modify the Chromium code so that it can use the contrast and gamma settings from the Windows ClearType Text Tuner and apply them to Chromium's Skia. Skia will produce the desired text and prevent future text-related Chrome issues.

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