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Microsoft and an AI and data analytics startup have partnered again

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Microsoft and an AI and data analytics startup have partnered again

Microsoft and Synthetaic have partnered for five years to supply cloud computing resources. This follows the successful tracking of a Chinese spy balloon using artificial intelligence.

Microsoft and Synthetaic, a startup that employs artificial intelligence to evaluate data from space and air sensors, announced on August 29 that they had reached a five-year partnership to supply cloud computing resources.

The Chinese spy balloon was shot down, but not before Wisconsin-based Synthetaic employed artificial intelligence and the satellite photo library of Planet Labs to trace its route independently.

Microsoft Azure Cloud developed Synthetaic's AI product, the Rapid Automatic Image Categorization (RAIC) tool. Under the new arrangement, Microsoft announced that Synthetaic will have access to around a million hours of cloud computing capacity.

According to Corey Jaskolski, founder and CEO of Synthetaic, the company will collaborate with Microsoft Azure Space on innovative ways to handle geospatial, static, and video imagery for sustainability, national security, and disaster relief activities.

According to Jason Zander, executive vice president of strategic missions and technologies at Microsoft, artificial intelligence (AI) can reveal a great deal of knowledge and insights from the massive amounts of data gathered by international organizations and governments.

According to the business, government agencies will be able to use AI while adhering to the strict security and compliance standards required for sensitive government data. Government agencies can access the RAIC data analysis tool via the Microsoft Azure Government Cloud.

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