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Microsoft and Semafor are collaborating on AI-assisted news stories


Microsoft and Semafor are collaborating on AI-assisted news stories

Microsoft and media website Semafor are collaborating on a new project that will use ChatGPT to assist with news story production, according to The Financial Times.

According to The Financial Times, Microsoft and the media website Semafor are working together on a new initiative that will use ChatGPT to help with news story production. Microsoft is scheduled to unveil multiple journalistic partnerships today, coinciding with a lawsuit for copyright infringement brought by the New York Times against the software behemoth and its associate, OpenAI.

According to the story, Microsoft would fund Semafor, which was co-founded by former Buzzfeed editor-in-chief Ben Smith, to develop a feed dubbed "Signals" for an amount that is "substantial" but undisclosed. It will feature commentary and breaking news, with about twelve posts a day. The AI will serve as a research tool, with journalists penning every story.

Semafor's team will specifically use AI capabilities to quickly locate breaking event reporting in several languages from other news sources across the globe while offering translation services. As a result, an article may include information from Chinese, Indian, or other sources, with reporters providing context and summarizing the many points of view. In an interview, former AP journalist and current Microsoft employee Noreen Gillespie said that these tools are necessary for journalists to use if they want to continue to exist and prosper for future generations.

Newsrooms have been divided over the use of ChatGPT and other AI chatbots, which sites like CNET have recently used to create whole feature-length articles.

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