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Microsoft's 41-year-old software now incorporates this 'essential' feature


Microsoft's 41-year-old software now incorporates this 'essential' feature

Microsoft is updating all its software for Windows. Most apps and services have been already updated. Notepad, released 41 years ago, is the latest app to get an update.

Windows 11 users will soon receive an update that includes a spell-check feature for Notepad.

Both customers running the Windows 11 beta and those running the Windows Insider Preview build are now receiving the feature.

Notepad's spell-checking capability is similar to that of well-known word processors like Microsoft Word and web browsers like Microsoft Edge. Misspelled words are marked with a red underline. This helps readers fix them easily by right-clicking and seeing suggested replacements.

Additionally, Notepad has autocorrect built in, which fixes mistakes as users type. This feature ensures accuracy in a variety of linguistic circumstances by supporting multiple languages.

Spell-checking preferences can be customized worldwide or for individual file types by users, providing a customized editing experience. Spell check is turned off by default for file formats used in coding environments, like log files, to meet their specific requirements.

Character count tracking and an autosave feature have been added to Notepad recently, simplifying document management. Microsoft has added entertaining extras such as a virtual fidget spinner. They also included contemporary features like dark mode, tab compatibility, and AI integration.

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