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Jellibeans has launched a SaaS platform to predict trends for fashion brands

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Jellibeans has launched a SaaS platform to predict trends for fashion brands

Jellibeans' jelli.studio platform serves as a comprehensive market intelligence solution

Jellibeans, a fashion analytics and intelligence company based in the United States, has unveiled StyleDocs, a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution tailored to streamline the entire development process for fashion suppliers crafting new collections. This innovative tool is integrated within Jelli.studio, facilitates seamless collaboration with suppliers' e-commerce platforms, leveraging AI-driven intelligence to optimize decision-making. StyleDocs empowers suppliers by offering actionable insights and suggesting trendy collections to enhance the market appeal of their products for clients or in-house brands. Jelli.studio's standout feature lies in its algorithm, which assesses a brand's core collection to predict and recommend the most sought-after fashion styles, thereby improving profitability and operational efficiency throughout the supply chain.

Through StyleDocs, suppliers can align production with consumer demand and industry trends, optimizing inventory management. Concurrently, brands can focus on developing products with a higher probability of success within their target market segments. This synchronization facilitates smoother order processing and fulfillment between suppliers and brands. The advanced functionalities of StyleDocs leverage an algorithm refined using data from a vast repository of over 10 million products and 100+ data sources, encompassing outlets, retailers, fashion brands, resellers, and Web 3.0 platforms. Joanne Chow, CEO and co-founder of Jellibeans, lauded StyleDocs as a transformative tool, empowering traditional suppliers to elevate their operations and profitability through cutting-edge data analytics and AI-driven digital transformation strategies.

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