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IBM Cloud Elevates Performance with Power Virtual Server Upgrade


IBM Cloud Elevates Performance with Power Virtual Server Upgrade

IBM Cloud bolsters performance and resilience with Power Virtual Server updates.

IBM has unveiled a suite of updates for its Power Virtual Server offering on IBM Cloud, aimed at delivering enhanced usability, cost-efficiency, and risk reduction for clients. The upgrades include new features such as backup-as-a-service, disaster recovery automation, improved cloud security and compliance, simplified migration, and networking enhancements.

Power Virtual Server is built on the IBM Power architecture, known for its superior performance and security compared to x86-based processors. According to Doris Conti, VP of aaS product management for IBM Power, the service caters primarily to existing IBM Power clients seeking a managed cloud solution for their workloads.

The evolution of Power Virtual Server began in 2019, and it now spans 21 data centers globally, offering organizations a range of use cases. Clients leverage the service for running production-critical IBM AIX or IBM i workloads, as well as for application development, testing, and backup of on-premises Power workloads to the cloud. Additionally, Power Virtual Server supports deployments like SAP on Power Linux.

In line with the latest updates, IBM is enhancing disaster recovery capabilities by introducing Global Replication Services, enabling asynchronous data replication between paired Power Virtual Server sites over long distances. This empowers clients to seamlessly manage disaster recovery for migrated workloads. Moreover, IBM is collaborating with partner Cobalt Iron to provide fully managed automated backup services for AIX and Linux clients on Power Virtual Server.

The updates underscore IBM's commitment to driving innovation and efficiency in cloud computing, offering clients robust solutions to meet their evolving business needs.

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