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Google agreed to reinstate delisted Indian apps on Play Store after Govt intervention


Google agreed to reinstate delisted Indian apps on Play Store after Govt intervention

This incident echoes Google's brief removal of Paytm from Play Store in 2020

Google has agreed to restore all delisted apps of Indian companies on its Play Store following government intervention aimed at resolving a dispute over service fee payments. The breakthrough came after Telecom and Information & Technology Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw facilitated discussions between Google and the startups involved. Vaishnaw lauded Google's support for India's technology development journey and announced the reinstatement of all apps following constructive discussions. The controversy erupted when Google removed apps from a dozen developers, including well-known ones like Matrimony.com and job search app Naukri, for non-compliance with its in-app payment guidelines. Reacting strongly, the government labeled the removal as unacceptable, prompting Google to begin restoring apps that agreed to comply with payment guidelines.

Ministers Vaishnaw and Rajeev Chandrasekhar engaged in multiple discussions with Google and app owners to find a resolution. Tuesday saw Vaishnaw announce Google's agreement to revert to pre-delivery status, expressing optimism for a long-term solution. At the core of the issue is Google's in-app fee structure. While Google argues these fees support Android and Play Store ecosystem development, startups feel pressured to use Google's payment system and pay fees or risk removal from the Play Store. Google's action affected various Indian companies, including Matrimony.com, Balaji Telefilms' Altt, Kuku FM, Quack Quack, Truly Madly, Info Edge's Naukri, and 99acres. Naukri and 99acres were reinstated when they shifted to Google's consumption model, where payments occur outside the app.

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