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Cinesite acquired a majority stake in VFX Studio FX3X

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Cinesite acquired a majority stake in VFX Studio FX3X

This venture into VFX marks another strategic move for Cinesite

Cinesite, a prominent visual effects and animation company, has recently acquired a majority stake in the Balkans-based visual effects studio FX3X. Founded by Milivoje Gjorgjevikj and Kristijan Danilovski in 1997, FX3X operates in both feature film and episodic television projects, with offices located in Skopje and Belgrade. Renowned as one of Eastern Europe's largest VFX houses, FX3X boasts a fully-equipped motion capture stage at its Skopje premises and has contributed to notable projects such as "Thor Love & Thunder" and "Spider-Man: No Way Home." Presently, the studio is actively involved in productions including "Star Trek: Picard" (season 3), "Peter Pan and Wendy," and "Black Panther: Wakanda Forever."

In light of the partnership, FX3X is poised to launch a paid training program, commencing in September and concluding in January 2023, aimed at nurturing aspiring talent in the field. Antony Hunt, CEO of Cinesite Group, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, citing the enhanced capacity to cater to clients across episodic television and feature films.  Milivoje emphasized the pride he and Kristijan feel in FX3X's accomplishments and the prospect of further growth through collaboration with Cinesite. Highlighting the positive impact on the VFX industry in Macedonia and the Balkans region, he underscored the significance of the partnership in unlocking the full potential of their business and tapping into the abundant talent pool in the region.

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