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Early-stage biotech fund raised $260 million by ORI Capital

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Early-stage biotech fund raised $260 million by ORI Capital

Venture capital firm ORI Capital has raised $260 million for its second life sciences fund, which will help early-stage biotechs worldwide.

The second life sciences fund of venture capital company ORI Capital, which will support early-stage biotechs globally, has raised $260 million.

According to a release dated February 22, the U.S. and Hong Kong-based investment firm will support businesses that are concentrated on drug delivery, treatments, and diagnostics for illnesses with high mortality rates and significant unmet needs. According to ORI, these indications include metabolic disorders, neurological illnesses, and cancer.

The venture capital firm highlights its AI-powered research platform. It has recognized themes including synthetic biology, programmable nuclear acid treatments, immuno-oncology cell therapy, and next-generation small medicines as significant growth drivers. The business plans to invest its new funds in businesses using these strategies.

In the release, ORI Capital's founding partner Simone Song stated that they live in a "golden age of innovation" at the nexus of biology and artificial intelligence, where technological advances are paving the way for novel approaches to illness diagnosis and treatment. They say the current climate presents a compelling chance to invest in the upcoming wave of top biotech firms.

The VC, which began operations in 2015, has backed several businesses that have made significant exits, such as CG Oncology, which just raised an increased $380 million in its initial public offering.

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