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Crossword’s brilliant “Blind Book Date”



The book date was a grand scheme to get book lover an exciting thing to do in February

Valentine’s Day is a day that’s grown to be celebrated by everyone equally. Be it with partners, human or four-legged, be it with family, be it whomever an individual chooses. But the newest and most fascinating idea to have played out in the recent past is a blind book date. This is especially appealing to people who always have their noses buried deep in books. The idea of blind dates might be old and rusty now, but a blind book date? Count the book lovers in!

This blind date is a simple idea. The description, summary, or a part of the plot line of that particular book is written on the discreetly covered book. The reader can come, look around, and select whichever description pleases them. This plan was laid out in the majority of the Crossword stores across India. The CEO of the Crossword chain of bookstores happened to mention that this idea was to pique the interests of all the book readers and also give something out of the box to do on February 14.

I was very enamored by this idea because it encourages one to be adventurous enough to pick up a book without getting a proper in-and-out idea of what’s in between those pages. This idea also allows people to enforce the “don’t judge a book by its cover” saying, which is fascinating to look at and takes place in real-time.

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