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Jixie's smart digital marketing platform and Indonesian business will be acquired by Accenture

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Jixie's smart digital marketing platform and Indonesian business will be acquired by Accenture

Accenture has consented to buy Jixie, a media and marketing technology company. 

Accenture Song, the company's tech-powered creative group, will leverage Jixie's intelligent digital marketing platform and team to strengthen Accenture's marketing transformation capabilities and resources. This will enable Accenture to help Indonesian clients deliver more personalized experiences that enhance customer engagement for sustainable business growth.

Jixie is a Singapore-based company that specializes in providing services to Indonesian clients. Its range of monetization and marketing growth solutions is extensive. Its platform is a strong advertising ecosystem that links brand owners and publishers, enabling them to jointly develop solutions based on trustworthy consumer insights. This makes marketing a strategic focus rather than a dispersed, uncontrollable process, increasing simplicity and protecting consumer privacy, brand safety, and data.

Regaining control, speed, and trust necessary to safely capitalize on Indonesia's rapidly expanding digital economy — which is expected to reach US$146 billion by 2025 before expanding eightfold by 2030 — will be made possible by the integration of Jixie's platform into Accenture Song's marketing capabilities.

Publishers can increase advertising revenues by using monetization technologies like header-bidding solutions and performance marketing through Jixie's platform. Additionally, brand owners may safely and smoothly integrate and enrich content without the need for middlemen, giving them the opportunity to use insightful data for distinctive and significant brand interaction. Jixie can support brand owners in greatly raising campaign clickthrough and conversation rates while improving consumer data, and it can help publishers double their monetization returns.

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