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Wegovy reduces the symptoms of heart failure in obese patients, study says


Wegovy reduces the symptoms

A late-stage clinical trial found that Wegovy, the popular weight-loss medication from Novo Nordisk, decreased symptoms of a typical kind of heart failure in obese people.

According to a late-stage clinical research published on Friday, Wegovy, the well-known weight-loss medication from Novo Nordisk, significantly decreased symptoms of a prevalent kind of heart failure in people with obesity. Wegovy assisted in reducing symptoms like shortness of breath, exhaustion, leg swelling, and irregular heartbeat. Additionally, it led to a decrease in blood pressure and inflammation, two critical indicators of heart health.

The outcomes extend Wegovy's increasing list of potential health advantages past weight loss. That can result in a greater demand for the medication and more insurer coverage. The findings support the ground-breaking study data Novo Nordisk provided earlier this month, which revealed that Wegovy significantly reduced the risk of major heart-related issues by 20%.

A heart ailment known as preserved ejection fraction, or HFpEF, which accounts for almost half of all heart failure cases in the U.S. and is brought on when the heart's lower chamber pumps less blood than the body requires, was the subject of the new study on 529 obese people. According to the study, which was written up in the New England Journal of Medicine, Wegovy improved symptoms of HFpEF by over 17 points on a scale of 100.

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