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Microsoft is automating cybersecurity by utilizing ChatGPT

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Microsoft has released an AI-driven security analysis tool automating incident response and threat hunting duties, showcasing the security use-case of OpenAI's chatbot.

Microsoft demonstrated a security use case for the well-liked chatbot created by OpenAI on Wednesday by releasing a security analysis tool driven by AI that automates incident response and threat hunting duties.

The latest GPT-4 model from OpenAI powers the new tool, Microsoft Security Copilot, which will be trained using data from Redmond's vast collection of telemetry signals from Windows endpoints and enterprise deployments.

Experts in cybersecurity are already utilizing generative AI chatbots to make software creation, reverse engineering, and malware research activities easier and more efficient. Microsoft's most recent action expands the range of applications for defenders.

The sale of cybersecurity protection solutions brings in approximately $20 billion annually for Microsoft, and observers of the sector anticipate that the push toward AI automation will open up new income streams and spur greater levels of creativity among cybersecurity firms.

Sources close to SecurityWeek anticipate seeing comparable products from companies like Google, Palo Alto Networks, and Cisco as competitors jump at the chance to leverage generative AI to automate difficult and time-consuming security jobs.

According to Microsoft, the Security Copilot chatbot is a platform that integrates easily with security teams and enables defenders to observe what's going on in their environment, correlate threat activity, and learn from previous intelligence while making judgments at a rapid pace.

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