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If Bitcoin reaches $500k, Google Bard forecasts the price of XRP


Bitcoin Reaches 500k

If the $500,000 price prediction for Bitcoin (BTC) made by Bloomberg comes true, Google Bard predicts that XRP will reach $3, $10, or even higher depending on a number of factors.

Notably, Bitcoin just momentarily recovered the $42,000 mark. The asset, trading at $41,768, is comfortably over the $41,000 mark, even though it has dropped below it. According to a recent Bloomberg story, the current Bitcoin spike is only the start of a new supercycle that may push the price of the cryptocurrency over $500,000.

Since Bitcoin is the most valuable cryptocurrency, changes in its price frequently affect how the larger crypto market operates. Therefore, if Bitcoin surpasses $500,000, other assets that correlate with its price, like XRP, may see comparable price increases.

We recently spoke with Google Bard, their AI project, to get their thoughts on how the price of XRP would change if Bitcoin hit the $500,000 milestone. Three such scenarios were given by Google Bard, along with associated XRP price projections.

Scenario 1: XRP Hits with Moderate Spillover Between $1.5 and $3

A moderate spillover effect is possible in this case, according to Google Bard. The increasing momentum of Bitcoin gives the whole cryptocurrency market more confidence, which benefits XRP. According to Bard, XRP might reach $1.5 or $3 in such a case.

Scenario 2: High Synergy: $5–$10 XRP Hits

According to Google Bard, higher price targets might result from a more significant synergy between the rise in XRP and the rally in Bitcoin. 

Scenario 3: XRP Exceeds $10 Due to the Black Swan Event

Google Bard predicts that in the best-case scenario, a black swan event will cause an unparalleled increase in XRP's value over $10. This might materialize as a significant collaboration with a leading international financial institution that uses XRP for cross-border settlements.

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