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The launch of Google's AI offering Gemini has been postponed


Google's AI offering

Google has delayed the release of its upcoming AI product, Gemini, to surpass OpenAI's ChatGPT due to difficulties in accurately processing and responding to inquiries.

Google has decided to delay the release of Gemini, their much-awaited artificial intelligence (AI) product.  According to a Seeking Alpha article on Monday, December 4, Google Chief Executive Officer Sundar Pichai decided to cancel the company's scheduled in-person debuts in California, New York, and Washington due to difficulties with non-English queries.  According to the article, there was a postponement because the AI technology in Gemini was unable to cope with certain non-English queries with reliability, as disclosed by Google sources. The company discovered that it was difficult to correctly process and reply to these inquiries, underscoring the problems tech companies have in creating AI systems that can efficiently manage input from different languages.

The postponement of the debut of Gemini is perceived as an effort by Google to overtake OpenAI's ChatGPT, which has garnered notice due to its sophisticated language processing abilities.Given that Google wants to remain competitive in the quickly changing AI field, Gemini is anticipated to be a significant addition to the company's AI portfolio.

According to a source from PYMNTS in August, Google had originally intended to debut Gemini this fall.

The large tech company intended to use Gemini to power workplace apps like Google Docs and Slides, as well as its chatbot Bard, which is a rival to ChatGPT.

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