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Celestia launches mainnet beta and native TIA token for users


native TIA token for users

Celestia, a modular blockchain, has launched its mainnet beta and native TIA token to 580,000 users, aiming to overcome scalability and stability issues in monolithic blockchains.

The modular blockchain Celestia, which aims to overcome the scalability and stability challenges common in monolithic blockchains, has released its native TIA token to 580,000 users and started its mainnet beta. A move toward scalable and reliable blockchain solutions is shown by the mainnet beta launch of the modular blockchain Celestia. This comes after 580,000 people received the TIA token, demonstrating a high level of user acceptance and interest.

As a result of scalability and stability problems with monolithic blockchains like Ethereum (ETH) and Solana (SOL), modular blockchain systems like Celestia have become more popular. Modular blockchains, in contrast to their monolithic predecessors, provide scalability without sacrificing security or decentralization by utilizing certain routes for speed and execution.

Celestia has launched data availability sampling (DAS), a technique that ensures verifiable and accessible blockchain data, accelerating data transfers, and marking the start of a "modular era" characterized by collaborative blockchains, sufficient block space, and verifiability. A critical step towards scalable blockchain solutions is made possible by Celestia's mainnet beta, which enables rollups and other modular chains to leverage Celestia for consensus and data availability. The blockchain has 2MB blocks by default, but it can handle up to 8MB blocks after an on-chain governance procedure, and it eventually wants to reach 1GB blocks to guarantee wide data availability for modular ecosystems.

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