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Swiggy Revolutionizes Restaurant Menus with AI-Powered Photoshoot Feature

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Swiggy’s AI-powered menu

Swiggy’s AI-powered menu featuring higher-quality images have the potential to drive up to five times more orders.

In a groundbreaking move, foodtech giant Swiggy has introduced an innovative AI-based tool, Swiggy Photoshoot, aimed at transforming the visual appeal of restaurant menus. Launched just a month ago, this cutting-edge feature, integrated into the Swiggy Owner app will empower restaurant proprietors to capture and upload enticing menu images using their smartphones. Leveraging advanced artificial intelligence, Photoshoot validates, enhances, and refines these images, ensuring they meet stringent guidelines.

The AI model swiftly validates images, minimizing the chances of rejections and enhancing image quality and aesthetics. Notably, this improvement applies to both real-time images and existing ones previously uploaded by restaurant partners. Users can even select the background from a curated set of options, adding a touch of customization to their menus. Remarkably, the images captured by restaurant owners become live on the Swiggy platform within a few hours, enhancing their online visibility.

Swiggy proudly claims that menus featuring higher-quality images have the potential to drive up to five times more orders, underscoring the significant impact of visual appeal on customer choices. Since its launch, approximately 10,000 restaurants have embraced this feature, highlighting its swift adoption within the restaurant community. This move aligns with Swiggy’s strategic vision to harness the power of AI, providing innovative solutions to its restaurant partners.

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