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KIDO steps into entertainment-e-commerce channel for businesses

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KIDO launches entertainment-e-commerce

KIDO launches its very own entertainment and e-commerce (E2E) channel for businesses online where they can post interesting videos on fashion, food and more.

Food manufacturer KIDO Group Corporation has declared its intention to create an e-commerce and entertainment channel on TikTok in order to boost trade operations on social media, encourage consumption, and facilitate business-consumer connections.

With its late-week launch, the Entertainment & E-commerce (E2E) channel aims to provide a venue for entertaining videos that evaluate culinary, fashion, and product experiences. In collaboration with national and local media outlets as well as entertainment companies, it will frequently feature live entertainment events and exclusive entertainment videos.

The debut comes in reaction to the explosion of social media marketing, the trend toward live-streamed shopping and entertainment-trade activities, and the preference of customers for simultaneous buying and entertainment experiences. By advising and assisting them with promoting and marketing, the launch of E2E is anticipated to create commercial prospects to firms, especially SMEs who have been suffering and only slowly recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic and economic issues.

Those who sign up can benefit from TikTok's data on consumer behavior across a variety of domains as well as the company's logistics system. KIDO Group joined up several associations and businesses at the opening. For the first time, they featured a mall with real branded goods for sale.

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