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Experts say rapid advancements of AI pose a threat to democracy 

Artificial intelligence

Experts say rapid advancements

At a conference in New York, scientists cautioned that the rapid advancement of Artificial intelligence may be upsetting democratic processes like elections.

Artificial intelligence scientists cautioned at a conference in New York that the rapid advancement of AI may already be upsetting democratic processes like elections and may even pose a threat to human survival.

Recent months have seen a boom in generative AI, which can produce text, images, and videos in response to open-ended suggestions. This has sparked both enthusiasm and concerns about the technology's potential, since some believe it may replace certain jobs, disrupt elections, or even take over humankind.

One big worry is that generative AI has accelerated the production of realistic-looking but fraudulent movies called "deepfakes," which are produced by AI algorithms trained on a ton of internet footage and appear on social media, confusing fact from fiction in the political sphere.

Although this type of synthetic media has been available for a while, according to Gary Marcus, a professor at New York University, what once cost millions of dollars may now just cost $300.

Experts at the conference cautioned that businesses are increasingly adopting AI to make decisions, especially those on pricing, which could have discriminatory effects.

According to an investigation, car owners who live in neighborhoods with a preponderance of black or brown people and close to a neighborhood with a preponderance of white people pay 30% more for auto insurance, according to Marta Tellado, CEO of the nonprofit Consumer Reports.

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