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Wipro expands retail media offering in collaboration with Cisco and AT&T


Wipro expands retail media Cisco AT&T

The growth of retail-focused capabilities inside Wipro VisionEDGE+ was recently announced by Wipro Limited.

Amazon Web Services (AWS), Cisco, and AT&T collaborated to create an improved platform for retail transformation. This platform helps retail media networks reach their full potential.

According to the National Retail Foundation, 80% of purchases still happen in physical stores, making them an important way for brands to reach customers. Wipro VisionEDGE+ is a platform that helps brands and retailers improve their current digital strategies by offering an omnichannel, measurable, and powerful solution.

With the help of this product, retailers can:

  • Use interactive displays to improve consumer experience by offering personalized suggestions and help with navigation.
  • Increase revenue by providing programmatic advertising to brands and facilitating assisted selling via digital channels.
  • To enable scalability and smooth content monitoring across several platforms, centralize operations and control.
  • Provide an omnichannel ordering platform that enables clients to place orders from "endless aisles" and virtually try on merchandise.

Wipro VisionEDGE+ combines digital signs with AI-based platforms to provide business insights, customer sentiment analytics, and traffic management data tailored to merchants' needs, while ensuring compliance with privacy regulations. Furthermore, the platform makes use of:

  • Cisco offers intelligent network solutions that provide seamless and secure communication in retail settings.
  • The network infrastructure of AT&T enables dependable and secure data transfer.
  • AWS powers the platform's data analytics and machine learning with reliable and scalable cloud computing services, providing a customized in-store experience.

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