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DataStrike acquires MiCORE to boost support for SMBs

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DataStrike acquires MiCORE

After acquiring MiCORE, DataStrike became one of the largest managed service providers (MSPs) specializing in data infrastructure services for small- and mid-sized businesses (SMBs).

A new management group with extensive experience in the data infrastructure industry was also appointed by the corporation. The CEO, Buddy Flerl, the president, Rob Brown, and the CMO, Kelsic Pross, all previously worked at the database management MSP RDX.

Flerl announced their expansion into business intelligence, leveraging their 25+ years of experience in database, cloud, and enterprise application administration to meet clients' evolving needs. They were doing everything ashore, he continued. They offered all their services from within North America, while their competitors are based in countries with different legal systems.

DataStrike offers a complete range of managed services for SMBs in different industries. These services include analytics, cloud computing, enterprise application management, and data management.

The new business has thousands of databases in North America and over 200 clients because it acquired MiCORE.

DataStrike will continue to support clients in areas such as database administration, strategy, planning, implementation, and optimization. The company has strong partnerships with technology industry leaders such as Microsoft, AWS, Oracle, SAP, and others. It has the highest level of certification.  

The business is integrating DataBricks, PowerBI, and Snowflake into its core products. Customers can get real-time business insights from the same partner that handles their data infrastructure.

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