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Vantage Data Centers begins construction on its first campus in Japan


Vantage begins construction first campus Japan

In Japan, Vantage Data Centers has started construction on its first data center campus (KIX1).

The new site in Ibaraki, Osaka, will have a capacity of up to 68 MW to support cloud and high-density deployments. This will give hyperspace and cloud providers the flexibility and scalability they need to adapt to changing market demands. Vantage announced this week that they will build a 45,000 square meter facility in the north of Osaka. The facility will include two data centers with seismic base-isolation structures.

The first facility is expected to go online in early 2026 and have a 28 MW IT load. Vantage announced that it will use its "sustainable by design" blueprint for industry-leading energy efficiency in building the Osaka Data Center campus.

An ancient tradition known as Jichinsai is performed amidst the construction process to ensure the utmost safety and protection. It involved traditional Shinto rituals to bless the land.

Vantage APAC announced their entry into Japan's data center sector and the opening of their first campus in Osaka. Vantage was glad to provide important IT infrastructure for Japan's digitalization, driven by progress in cloud and AI technologies. The business was happy to join the Greater Osaka community and offer services to hyperscale and enterprise clients.

The company will use a very efficient closed-loop chilled water system with air-cooled chillers at the Vantage site in Osaka. Vantage builds and operates data centers in North America, Asia Pacific, and EMEA (Europe, the Middle East, and Africa).

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