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OVHcloud bare metal servers with Xeon Gold processors


OVHcloud metal servers Xeon Gold processors                                       

High-end dedicated Bare Metal servers with the best Xeon Gold 5th Generation processors are now available from OVHcloud SAS.

The new Bare Metal servers are designed for critical applications like virtualization, HPC, and confidential computing. The company's High Grade Bare Metal line solves storage and hyperconverged infrastructure issues and uses new integrated accelerators for better performance and Intel TDX technology.

The Intel Emerald Rapids microarchitecture serves as the cornerstone of the OvHcloud HCI, SDS, and STOR product lines. It boosts security while offering speedier memory and more processing power. Virtual machine isolation technologies like TDX make it easier to improve the security, compliance, and management of legacy apps.

The HGR-HCI lineup is intended for HCIs. It has two Intel Xeon Gold 5th generation processors installed in a dual processor setup. The Xeon Gold 5515+ configuration (HGR-HCI-i1) has 2×8 cores and 2×16 threads, whereas the Xeon Gold 6554S configuration (HGR-HCI-i4) has 2×36 cores and 2×72 threads. All HGR-HCI-i variants come with a 2x960GB SSD storage option in addition to 256 GB of base DDR5 RAM. Additional SSD capacity up to 3.84 TB can be ordered separately.

The HGR-SDS product line focuses on SDS infrastructures for big data, platform object storage, and databases. The line uses Xeon Gold 5th Gen CPUs with dual processors. The HGR-SDS-1 Bare Metal server is powered by the Xeon Gold 5515+ CPU with 2×8 cores and 2×16 threads, and the HGR-SDS-2 is powered by the Xeon Gold 6542Y CPU with 2×24 cores and 2×48 threads. Both models come with 256 GB of DDR5 memory, expandable to 1.5 TB, and a system SSD with options to store 3.84, 7.68, or 15.36 TB of data.

The heavy storage version of Bare Metal servers, HGR-STOR, now has updates specifically for databases, disaster recovery, and archiving. HGR-STOR-1 uses a single processor configuration with the Xeon Gold 6554S. It has 128 GB of DDR5 RAM with 36 cores and 72 threads (expandable up to 768 GB). HGR-STOR-1 has a large storage capacity, including a 2x960 GB SSD-based drive and the option to add up to 36x22TB SAS HDD for more storage. Customers looking to improve storage performance can choose a cache option with a capacity of up to 30 TB.

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